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Midland Counselors company was established over 15 years ago as a partnership between the two professionals in the civil sphere, lawyer Oscar Augusto Cedeno and lawyer, LLB Maxim Stepanov. Over the years, the company has managed to become one of the market leaders in the field of service tax planning, investment programs, asset protection, advice on international business and contract work with foreign investors. Midland Counselors united professionals with extensive experience in the international legal field, professionals that are able to offer a comprehensive solution for successful business development taking into account the foreign corporate law norms and attractive tax regulation mechanisms of different countries.

Currently Midland Counselors forms a part of the international holding Midland Group. Divisions of Midland Group extend its activity to jurisdictions that are attractive from the standpoint of tax minimization, such as Cyprus, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands. Holding has its representation offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and Kiev. By not being tied down to one jurisdiction, Midland Group is able to expand the range of customer consulting services and to consider various corporate and private wealth management mechanisms.

Like any other segment of the Midland Group holding, Midland Counselors is all out for the highest professionalism, competence of legal support, impeccable reputation and reasonable pricing. We are committed to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers and use all the years of our experience and practice to the dynamic growth of your business.